Edition Semicolon

Edition Semicolon


Edition Semicolon is a free paltform to write articles without needing an account.

Edition Semicolon dosent use to store any data and articles.

It is not dependent on classical Database System to store Articles.

It uses Inter-Planetry File System to store the documents, making the article available to anyone on the globe.

The magazine is built to support the Free Speech Rights, threatened by few goverments in the world.


1) https://edition-semicolon.rishabh.live/ (Home Page)
2) https://edition-semicolon.rishabh.live/{your-github-username} (Your Github Special ReadMe Page)
3) https://edition-semicolon.rishabh.live/{your-github-username}/{article-name} (Your article stored in github special repository in edition-smeicolon articles)
4) https://edition-semicolon.rishabh.live/r/{article-id} (The Open Article Page)
5) https://edition-semicolon.rishabh.live/create (The Open Article Write Page) (under prgress)
6) https://edition-semicolon.rishabh.live/wiki/{github-org-name}/{name-of-repo} (The Wiki Page of a github repo)
7) https://edition-semicolon.rishabh.live/wiki/{github-org-name}/{name-of-repo}/{branch-of-repo-other-than-master} (The Wiki Page of a github repo other than master)


1) Visit https://edition-semicolon.rishabh.live/create

2) Write your favourite article with or without markdown

3) Click on Publish to IPFS button

4) Read and share your article with anyone